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DHEA: The Modern Day Fountain of Youth

What is DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) and what can it do for you?

DHEA is a steroid that many researchers think is a multifunctional hormone that has many different biological uses. DHEA is secreted by the adrenal glands and is considered to be the main precursor for female hormone estrogen and the male hormone androgen. As humans age into their 30’s, it is thought that levels of DHEA start to diminish. People suffering from type 2 diabetes also known as non insulin dependant diabetes (NIDDM) also may suffer from low levels of DHEA.

Although DHEA is produced by the adrenal glands in the body, researchers found a way to make DHEA in the laboratory from a substance called diosgenin which is derived from wild yams and also soybeans. Today, there are many products that can be purchased that contain DHEA. Biopharm Nutraceuticals made DHEA the key ingredient in its blockbuster Multisupplement Vimulti am due to the robust amount of clinical data that has demonstrated the effectiveness of DHEA in fighting visceral fat (belly fat), major depression and sexual enhancement to name a few.

Key Clinical Studies:

Weight Loss:
There are numerous studies demonstrating dhea and the loss of abdominal fat. The National Institute of Health (NIH) published a study in patients taking 50mg of DHEA. Not only did the NIH study demonstrate more weight loss versus placebo, the weight that was lost was higher around in the visceral area (belly fat). The importance of reduction of visceral fat goes far beyond vanity. People who carry most of their fat around the midsection (visceral fat) have a much higher chance of dying due to cardiovascular events versus people who carry body fat in other areas. In other words, the apple shaped person has a higher chance of death as opposed to those shaped like a pear. The importance of Vimulti and the reduction of this dangerous abdominal fat can not me minimized. Take the time to read the clinical studies on our web page that prove the effectiveness of Vimulti in reducing visceral fat.

In a study published by the National Institute of Health (NIH), a majority of the patients taking the DHEA arm responded with improvements in signs of minor and major depression versus a placebo. Take the time to read the clinical studies on our web page that prove the effectiveness of Vimulti in improving your mood.

Anti Aging Data:
Two hundred and eighty healthy individuals (women and men 60–79 years old) were given DHEA, 50 mg, or placebo, orally, daily for a year in a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. No potentially harmful accumulation of DHEAS and active steroids was recorded. Besides the reestablishment of a “young” concentration of DHEAS, a small increase of testosterone and estradiol was noted, particularly in women, and may be involved in the significantly demonstrated physiological–clinical manifestations here reported. Bone turnover improved selectively in women >70 years old, as assessed by the dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) technique and the decrease of osteoclastic activity. A significant increase in most libido parameters was also found in these older women. Improvement of the skin status was observed, particularly in women, in terms of hydration, epidermal thickness, sebum production, and pigmentation. A number of biological indices confirmed the lack of harmful consequences of this 50 mg/day DHEA administration over one year, also indicating that this kind of replacement therapy normalized some effects of aging. (Etienne-Emile Baulieu) published in National Academy of Sciences. Take the time to read the clinical studies on our web page that prove the effectiveness of Vimulti in improving your looks

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