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Not only am I the CEO of a large nutraceutical company, I am also an avid cyclist. After biking for 20 years, I realized there was a lack of effective supplements geared forcycling-with-vimulti the serious cyclist. I tried all sorts of products claiming to help with lactic acid reduction, endurance and recovery with very little success. As a cyclist who logs an average of 150 miles weekly, I quickly realized the importance of proper nutrition and supplementation for the serious cyclist. Since taking ViMulti regularly, my times and endurance have improved dramatically. Living in South Beach, wind is a huge enemy for any cycling enthusiast. Average cycling winds are 18-26 mph. Two ViMulti capsules an hour before my ride allows me to plow through the wind at a steady 16-17 mph with minimal lactic acid buildup. This increase in speed is a vast improvement from head on wind averages of 12-13mph when I do not supplement with ViMulti. Another benefit of ViMulti for the long distance cyclist is the clinically proven effectiveness of ViMulti in enhancing sexual function. Not only will ViMulti allow longer, faster and harder rides, it will also combat sexual dysfunction issues that arise from the saddle suppressing the nerves and vessels surrounding the perineum (area between groin and anus). The key ingredients in ViMulti have been proven to enhance blood flow thus helping overcome the numbness that most long distance cyclers encounter post ride. Read below how ViMulti is the perfect supplement for all cyclist. 

How ViMulti Works to Enhance Cycling Performance

 ViMulti uses all natural products like Guarana and Green Tea extract to supercharge your body with controlled levels of energy throughout your ride. ViMulti differs from energy drinks or shots in that the body absorbs capsules at a slower and more consistent pace as opposed to energy drinks that give you a quick energy peak followed by a crash. Green Tea and Vitamin C found in ViMulti are also powerful antioxidants which help to eliminate fatigue causing free radicals in the body. Vitamin C also helps the body retain skin elasticity and improves signs of aging that most cyclists endure from long periods of sun exposure.

 The next key ingredient is dehydroepiandrosterone which is a natural occurring hormone in the body. Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is the precursor to the hormones testosterone and estrogen. As males and females age, DHEA levels start declining which leads to a loss of muscle, abdominal weight gain and other signs of aging. DHEA has been proven to assist in muscle growth and recovery which is vital for every cyclist. DHEA has also been proven to assist in mood improvement as well as sexual dysfunction.

 L-Arginine is another component of ViMulti which has been proven to increase nitric oxide. This is important for long distance and competitive cyclist as higher nitric oxide levels improve blood flow throughout the body.

 The synergistic combination of all these natural components makes ViMulti the ideal supplement for the serious cyclist. Although ViMulti is a powerful supplement, proper pre and post nutrition is still eeded to help the body recover from long rides. ViMulti is Ephedra free and should not be taken with any form of Ephedra or energy products. If you are interested in joining the ViMulti Race Team, contact our customer service department for information.


New Clinical Study Proving Green Tea and Guarana Combination Increases Energy


In a recent clinical study published in the British Journal of Nutrition with the two ingredients found in Vimulti, researchers proved that a combination of Green Tea and Guarana significantly increased energy expenditures versus placebo. These clinical findings only solidify what many high level athletes have already known about Vimulti. Not only did test subjects experience higher energy levels while on Vimulti, many of them also benefited from the anti-oxidant effects found in Green Tea as well as Vitamin C. Researchers also discovered that the thermogenic properties found in Guarana and Green Tea do in fact assist in added weight loss. Buy Vimulti today and receive a free bottle on the best selling Acai cleanse and detox formula while supplies last.  



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