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Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X)

Has Your Doctor Diagnosed You With Metabolic Syndrome? If So, Not Taking Action Can Kill You!

Do you carry excess belly fat (intra-abdominal adiposity)? Have you been diagnosed with these symptoms : high blood pressure, insulin resistance or high cholesterol? If you answered yes to any three of these question, your mortality rate due to Metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease such as heart attack or stroke is 3-5 times higher than those with just one of the above metabolic conditions.

This deadly phenomenon is called Metabolic Syndrome or Syndrome X. Metabolic Syndrome affects 25% of Americans, and that number is steadily increasing. If you are one of these people suffering with Metabolic Syndrome, learn how to treat metabolic syndrome with ViMulti. ViMulti works by reducing syndrome metabolic belly fat (visceral fat), which in turn minimizes intra-abdominal adiposity. Metabolic Syndrome X Symptoms As published in the Journal of Endocrinology, the syndrome metabolic adipose tissue (fat around the abdominal) is in fact an active metabolic organ and the main cause of Metabolic Syndrome also known as Syndrome X. ViMulti treats metabolic syndrome by reducing this dangerous abdominal fat from multiple directions. Current therapies do not work because they only address fat reduction with one or two mechanisms. The proprietary blend in ViMulti was designed to attack this dangerous abdominal fat from 5 directions. Abdominal fat reduction in turn eliminates most lipid disorders, starts reversing insulin resistance as well as elevated blood pressure. Read our testimonials and learn how many of our customers no longer need any costly cardio metabolic syndrome medications such as insulin or *Lipitor.

As of today, there are no pharmaceutical products approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) for the treatment or prevention of Metabolic Syndrome risk factors. There is strong support in the medical community that encourages those with syndrome metabolic to use a product like ViMulti in order to help reduce dangerous fat around the midsection. Although ViMulti is a powerful and clinically proven product to assist those suffering with Metabolic Syndrome, special attention should always be placed on ones diet and exercise program.

*Lipitor is a registered product of Pfizer Inc.

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