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Real Power of the Antioxidant Vitamin C

Wrinkle Prevention:

Why is it that the latest and greatest beauty products on the market tout the antioxidation benefits of products such as Vitamin C? There is a great and compelling reason for this. Antioxidants such as Vitamin C have been proven to help turn back the clock. In a study published in October by the American Journal of Nutrition found that people who ate foods rich in Vitamin C had fewer signs of wrinkles and age related dry skin as opposed to those who ate normally low levels of this powerful antioxidant. According to Patricia Farris MD of Tulane University, Vitamin C helps build collagen, smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles. The key power of Vitamin C is related to its ability to fight free radicals. Our science team at Biopharm Nutraceuticals designed Vimulti to be loaded with Vitamin C and other antioxidants such as Green Tea in order to improve other facets of health besides weight, mood and sexual benefit.


Healthy Heart:

Vitamin C has long been considered a key vitamin in keeping ones heart healthy. A recent study out of Finland concluded that 300,000 people taking vitamin C at 700mg per day had a reduction of cardiovascular disease of 25%. In another recent study, researchers out of Harvard found that Vitamin C in conjunction with vitamin e reduced stroke in women by 30%. The makers of Vimulti added Vitamin C in order to differentiate themselves from other weight loss products.


Keeping Cancer at Bay:

Dr. Mark Levine MD Chief of molecular and clinical nutrition of the National Institute of Health (NIH) is leading a study on high levels of vitamin C as a treatment for cancer. “High levels of vitamin c seem to be toxic to cancer cells”. There is still much research to be done, but all data points to Vitamin C as being a helpful antioxidant in the battle against cancer.


Improving Brain Power:

Vitamin C when combined with vitamin e can reduce your chance for Alzheimer’s by 63% according to the Archives of Neurology. The brains high fat content makes it highly susceptible to these free radicals. According to Peter Zandi PhD of John Hopkins, these powerful antioxidants act as a shield.


Save Your Eyesight:

Although Vitamin C can eliminate your reading glasses, it may prevent the leading cause of blindness which is age related macular degeneration. In a recent study by the National Eye Institute, Vitamin C was one of the antioxidants linked to reduction of this by 25%.

Healthy Body Fat
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