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Vitamin C and Green Tea have been crowned king in the battle versus father time as well as improvements in immunity. Over 90% of Americans do not receive the proper amount of Vitamin C or Green Tea. Most Americans resort to drinking orange juice or green tea drinks which are loaded with sugar and other processed components. In the United states alone, over 1 billion dollars is spent a year on pills, drinks or other formulations that contain these essential nutrients. Vitamin C and Green Tea have been studied and proven over 100 years for their anti aging properties, antioxidant power and for thermogenic effects that are responsible for fat burning. Vitamin C has also been studied in endothelial protection and in cancer. We will focus more on highlighting the anti aging properties as well as the thermogenic effects of Vitamin C and Green Tea.

The benefits of Green Tea can be traced back thousands of years to ancient Asian cultures. Green Tea extract has high levels of polyphenols and is also rich in the anti oxidant EGCG. EGCG is 200 times more powerful than Vitamin E with regards to fighting free radicals in the body. EGCG is also responsible for fighting bacterial infections, blocking carcinogens as well as reducing LDL cholesterol. Green Tea extract is also a key ingredient in most fat burners on the market. Green Tea extract has thermogenic properties which helps the body metabolize fat without the jitters seen with Ephedra based products. New data by research Gan Wong out of Memorial Medical center in the Philippines also concluded that Green Tea extract is more effective than benzolperoxide in treating moderate to severe acne. The overwhelming amount of clinical data surrounding Green Tea is very promising for the treatment of many diseases and complications.

Vitamin C is the other super nutrient that has been studied in immunity enhancement, wrinkle reduction, cancer prevention and vision. Therapeutic doses of Vitamin C are normally in the 500mg-1000mg range. Supplementation with oral vitamins is the most feasible way to reach these levels. Vitamin C not only helps fight the common cold and improve wrinkles, it could also save your life.  In a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers concluded that those with a diet high in Vitamin C had a 42% less chance of suffering a stroke.

As one can see, there are many benefits to daily supplementation with Vitamin C and Green Tea extract. It is unrealistic to think that most Americans would ever reach the goal of 9 fruits and vegetables a day to even come close to the recommended dose of Vitamin C. One can purchase over the counter daily supplements like Vimulti which come with a combination formula of Green Tea extract and Vitamin C. These simple to take formulas increase compliance and save money. It is more cost effective to take Green Tea and Vitamin C supplements than it is to drink expensive Green Tea drinks or various energy products. Visit the Vimulti web site to learn more about the power of Green Tea and Vitamin C.


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