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Fiber and the Thermal Affect of Food


It is recommended that we eat 25-35 grams of fiber daily as part of a healthy diet. Most Americans fall short of this fiber recommendation because most of the food consumed in the US are highly processed with very little nutritional value. Fast food and sugar rich snacks are what make weight and fat loss impossible for most dieters. If you are looking to improve health, reduce fat and enhanced your digestive system, add a little fiber to your diet.


Fiber rich foods allow you to feel fuller and minimize blood sugar spikes which lead to sugar cravings and over eating. Foods high in fiber are also loaded with other key vitamins and minerals which can be essential in assisting rapid weight loss. Good examples of fat burning fiber sources are whole wheat bread and pastas, nuts, oatmeal, fruits and vegetables. Although fiber bars and cereals contain a good amount of fiber, they are also loaded with sugar which can be detrimental to any weight loss program.


A secret in fast and steady weight loss is known as the “thermal effect of food”. What this simply means is that foods high in fiber, require the digestive system to burn more calories to process the nutrients. Fat burning diets that are high in fiber burn more calories than those diets that are high in sugars and processed foods. The thermal effect of food is a little known weight loss secret that works just by utilizing normal digestion. Who wouldn’t want to burn an extra 10% of calories by doing nothing?


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