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Do Weight Loss Pills Offer any Advantages?


The weight loss pill is a booming business in the world wide quest to be thin. World wide sales of weight loss pills topped 20 billion dollars in 2009. The question that most consumers would like answered is if all this money spent offers any clear advantages for those taking weight loss pills. We interviewed Rafael Olarte who is the CEO of one of the largest weight loss pills on the market (Vimulti) and he gave us insight on some of the advantages and disadvantages of weight loss pills.

Companies who sell weight loss pills make claims ranging from rapid fat loss while you sleep to burning belly fat while eating cake. When Mr. Olarte was asked about this, he stated “Bogus”. Although his company Biopharm Nutraceuticals is in the weight loss pill arena, he stated that there is no weight loss pill that can make those claims. Mr. Olarte believes weight loss pills have many advantages but also cautions that 99% of those on the market are phony.

We studied and tested market leaders Vimulti and Hydroxycut and noted some clear advantages by both of these products. Both of these products delivered on quick weight loss and energy enhancement. Both products have different mechanism of action which were both effective at reducing total body fat. Each product also has thermogenic ingredients such as guarana or green tea which have been clinically proven to help boost energy and burn fat. Vimulti has the advantage of also helping improve mood and immunity as opposed to just weight loss with hydroxycut. Although both weight loss pills have many advantages, each came with some disadvantages. Hydroxycut was pulled off the market by the FDA for liver toxicity and reported deaths in May 2009. Although the company reformulated the product, many consumers rather go with alternative weight loss pills. Vimulti is more expensive than hydroxycut and could only be purchased directly from the manufacturer online.  Our researchers also looked into other products found online but found there to be no advantages with them.

When choosing a weight loss pill, Mr. Olarte stated “do your homework and read the clinical data”. In summary, don’t buy into the advantages that they claim but buy into the advantages they can prove. Mr. Olarte was one of the first CEOs to publish clinical data on their advantages on the product website. His words were “we have nothing to hide” in the quest to help Americans lose weight. This very energetic Ceo also cautioned to stay away from any sort of free trials which require a credit card in order to receive your bottle. He stated that “free trials” are never free.
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