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Home Dangers of Visceral Fat

What is Visceral fat?


Visceral fat also known as intra-abdominal adiposity is the accumulation of dangerous fat inside the peritoneal cavity, Visceral fat surrounds the organs and is associated with numerous diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, elevated triglycerides and the fast growing phenomenon known as  metabolic syndrome. Unlike belly fat that is located under the skin, visceral fat act as an active endocrine organ releasing hormones that that can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes just to name a few.


In order to be diagnosed with intra-abdominal adiposity, your waste circumference must be larger than 40 inches in men and 35 inches in women. The classic apple shaped body is highly associated with high levels of visceral fat storage. Unlike subcutaneous fat which jiggles on the surface, visceral fat surrounds the organs and can not be visually observed.


The causes of visceral fat and intra-abdominal adiposity are related to genetic predisposition as well as current lifestyle habits. Our DNA determines where our body will store fat and how it will utilize it first. For example, women tend to store fat in their thighs while men normally store excess fat in their abdomens. Lifestyle related causes of visceral fat storage are related to exceeding the amount of calories eaten versus the amount of calories expended during exercises. Any surplus in calories will be stored as fat in the body which can be used for future energy. Long periods of fat accumulation will lead to increased levels of visceral fat storage. To reverse or eliminate excess visceral or belly fat, aerobic exercises is recommended most days for 30-60 minutes while reducing caloric intake. Recent studies have suggested that 25-35 grams of fiber can be beneficial in reducing fat storages.

Visceral fat is highly implicated in diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer and other forms of  heart diseases. One of the fastest growing diseases states in the US is metabolic syndrome which is diagnosed by a large waist circumference, insulin resistance and or elevated blood pressure. If diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome, you are 4 times more likely to die form cardiovascular disease than a normal individual. As you can see, reduction of visceral fat is key in prolonging life expectancy. To date, there are no approved medications for reduction of visceral fat. Natural supplementation with DHEA based supplements have been associated with reductions in visceral fat and improved insulin sensitivity.  

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