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ViMulti is the latest technological breakthrough by market innovators Biopharm Nutraceuticals. ViMulti was designed for consumers who want to lose fat fast, enhance their sexual performance, improve their mood, and boost their immunity all in one capsule. Thousands of satisfied customers world wide are currently seeing the benefits of this technological breakthrough.GMP approved lab The research team at Biopharm Nutraceuticals realized that although there were products on the market that were effective for weight loss, sexual enhancement, mood improvement, there was no single product to resolve all these issues in one simple to take capsule. As of now, more than half of Americans are significantly overweight, depressed or suffering from sexual dysfunction. Poor lifestyle and diet also lead to poor immunity and an increase in viral and bacterial infection. In a recent survey of 1023 Americans, 87% of those surveyed agreed that they could use a boost of energy, lose some fat, improve their mood and improve their sexual performance. Are you one of these Americans? With ViMulti you will experience a fast burst of energy, reduce total body fat with an emphasis on abdominal fat (belly fat or visceral fat), improvement in all facets of sexual function (stamina, duration, libido, sensation & recovery), and improvement of mood and a heightened sense of well being. ViMulti is safe, has clinically proven ingredients, and simple to take. Take control of your total body health with ViMulti once daily capsules.


Fast Onset of Action

ViMulti was designed to start working in as little as 20 minutes for sexual enhancement and for a safe and natural energy boost that lasts up to 7 hours. ViMulti can be taken with or without food without losing potency or onset speed. In weight loss and mood improvement studies, ViMulti demonstrated maximum effectiveness in as little as 3-5 days. For immunity enhancement, expect maximum therapeutic levels within 5 -7 days. ViMulti should be taken daily in order to obtain optimal results.

Fast Processing &  Delivery

All orders are processed and shipped same day (except Sunday). Biopharm Nutraceuticals has multiple shipping centers in order to keep shipping cost down while increasing arrival times. Biopharm Nutraceuticals ships internationally as well as in bulk. Contact customer service 24/7 with any special shipping needs.
We are proud to use the USPS for all of our shipping needs

Secure Shopping & Delivery

Biopharm Nutraceuticals exclusively uses Google checkout for all orders. By using Google checkout, we assure our customers of the easiest and safest transaction possible. Google checkout is an industry leader which provides the consumers with peace of mind shopping. Biopharms pays a premium for this service in order to guarantee to our customers that their personal and financial information is secure.

ViMulti Made in The USA with Natural Components

There are no known side effects or adverse events to date reported to the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) for those consumers taking ViMulti. ViMulti is composed of all natural herbs and amino acids that are naturally occurring in the human body. Biopharm opted to pay a premium to make ViMulti in the USA to ensure 100% product safety. Biopharm went a step further and posted numerous clinical trials in which our key ingredients were studied not only for efficacy, but for safety as well. If you are allergic to vitamin c, guarana or green tea, ViMulti may not be the best choice for you.

Manufactured in FDA Approved Facility

To date, the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) has not received any reports of adverse side effects nor have there been reports of heart damage or liver toxicity as seen with other products on the market. We believe that this is due to the fact that ViMulti is comprised of naturally occurring hormones, amino acids and natural vitamins. Biopharm opted to pay a premium and make ViMulti in the USA to ensure 100% product safety. Biopharm went a step further and posted numerous clinical trials in which our key ingredients were studied not only for efficacy, but for safety as well. ViMulti should not be taken if you are allergic to Vitamin C, Guarana, Green Tea, DHEA or L-Arginine. Our customers’ health is more important to us than our profits.
Manufactured in a FDA approved facility       GMP certified

ViMulti Uses Powerful & proven Ingredients

Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) is the only non- prescription product that has been clinically proven to reduce total body fat, sexual dysnfunction in women and men, treat depression, lower bad cholesterol and reverse the signs of aging including the reduction of wrinkles. 
Green Tea fights prostate cancerGreen tea is the #1 ranked super food according to many of the top nutritional thought leaders in the United States. Asian cultures for thousands of years have used green tea to cure numerous ailments and conditions such as obesity, cancer, arthritis, bad cholesterol and inhibition of blood clots which is the number one cause of heart attacks and stroke. As of 2009, there were hundreds of clinical studies proving the benefits of daily green tea supplementation as a better alternative to other unproven products.
guarana berryBrazil is home to the Guarana plant (Paullinia cupana). Guarana is the main ingredient in 90% of most energy drinks or multiple hour energy shots. Guarana’s purpose is to provide a fast energy boost followed by the ability to break down and mobilize fat, improve strength and assist in mental focus.
artery walls - Before and AfterL-Arginine is an amino acid that is essential and is needed for normal body function and healing. First discovered in 1882, L-Arginine has been used for more than a century for treating impotence as well as sexual dysfunction in women. Recent studies have also shown promise in men with fertility insufficiency as well as immunity enhancement. The secret is in this natural amino acids ability to boost nitric oxide which helps maintain proper blood flow.
artery walls - Before and AfterVitamin C is considered the most powerful vitamin which has been studied and proven to help fight and prevent colds as well as other immune system infections. In the last two decades, Vitamin C has also gained worldwide recognition for minimizing the effects of aging as well as improving skin tone and reducing wrinkles. Although naturally occurring in fruits, 90% of Americans do not get the daily-recommended allowance of this key and vital nutrient.Unlike other unproven products, Vitamin C has decades of research touting the effectiveness and safety of this essential vitamin. Why spend hundreds on expensive anti-aging products when ViMulti can do it all.
Money Back GuaranteeWe are so confident that you will be 100 % satisfied with ViMulti that we are offering a full 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with ViMulti, simply contact our customer service department for a full refund upon return of unopened, unused product.
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